Social Media: Generation of idiots!

Kampala: Social media has become the first growing communication tunnels and part of everyday life with more and more people communicating daily via all social platforms and access to them are much easier and broader.

It cannot be ignored at all but there are  more potential threats added to it regardless of our own online participation. When we open our computers, tablets, and/or phones, it is our doors we shut. Community and social companionship is taken away leading us to a world of social confusion and exclusion.

We become slaves to the technology we mastered and thereafter, we become greedy bastards of interests and promotion because we live out our abilities and emotions on what we need to do. We share our own experiences to ourselves other than on a wider spectrum.

If we are there for our families and friends in public, they will be there for us too but if we bury our faces on these gadgets, we tend to loose out the social fabrics leading to social-isolation and many times we do not know if anyone is listening.

We need to learn to talk to one another and co-exit in the social media age and look into someone’s eyes. I have seen some young parents who do not entertain their own children when they are carried away on their iPads and tablets. The playing grounds are becoming empty and the kids are not visiting their peers. Is this why some kids are becoming more obese and plump? This is for another debate.

We are now a generation of idiots and damp people. Therefore, we need to put away our phones etc and look out for our family and friends for a real life social connection so that we can tell them what we have done, hope to do and how we love them. Do not be caught off guard looking for the person you love, she/he is out there on the streets, church/mosque, social gatherings (functions) and at our friends/family houses.

Type as we talk and read as we chat spending hours together making eye contact. Give people time who you love. Go out in the world and keep your gadgets away.


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I am a Mulamogi from Bulamogi sub-region in Kaliro district. Bulamogi was founded around 1550 by Zibondo Lamogi. When the British arrived in Uganda, they made Bulamogi a British protectorate in Busoga in 1896. Remember, Bulamogi was a chiefdom. My grandfather was a chief. I am a Smooth Jazz fanatic and Formula One enthusiast. Anything else, find me at my own leisure time. God bless. Peace and love.

8 thoughts on “Social Media: Generation of idiots!”

  1. Isn’t it ironical that even after… ” we tend to loose out the social fabrics leading to social-isolation and many times we do not know if anyone is listening.” …we still continue posting?
    Good post Wako Joel it’s so true especially the part of children growth and development. Be sure many are reading and becoming knowledgeable.


  2. This is very true i am personally one of those who prefers the gadgets as opposed to one on one interaction. I normally leave the one on one interaction for business. This is a lovely piece.

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    1. The more we embrace social media, the more we get the world closer to us. The more we bury our heads into social media without paying much attention to the flowing social-interaction traffic, the more we loose the social fiber and attachment.


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