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Is Uganda and Africa in general ready for GMO?

In 2008, the Ugandan Cabinet approved the National Biotechnology and Biosafety policy, whose objective is to ensure that Uganda benefits from safe application of modern biotechnology such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Consequently, the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill 2012 was developed with objectives to guide implementation of the aforesaid policy; and minimize and manage any potential risks to the environment, human and animal health that may be associated with GMOs. In October 2017, parliament passed the National Biosafety Act 2017.

in 2017, President Kaguta Museveni declined to sign into law the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill, 2012. The bill seeks to provide a regulatory framework that facilitates the safe development and application of biotechnology, research, development and release of genetically modified organisms. In his letter to speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, the president sent the bill back to parliament to clarify among other issues, its title, patent rights of indigenous farmers and sanctions for scientists who mix GMOs with indigenous crops and animals. Continue reading Is Uganda and Africa in general ready for GMO?


Refugee crisis in Uganda turns red

As Europe grapples with a heavy load of immigrants from Africa and Asia, refugees from South Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo, Burundi and Somalia among others, they find Uganda the safest place to live, but that has been smeared with Sex trafficking cartel targeting vulnerable refugees.

By 23rd February, 2018 Uganda became home to 251,730 refugees who migrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) running away from inter- ethnic violence from the Ituri region. Over 45,000 have since arrived in Uganda as by 1 January 2018 according to Relief Web. By February 2016, Uganda was host to 1,045,236 South Sudanese refugees as per United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) reports.

In a rare and compelling evidence, NTV Uganda’s journalist, Sheila Nduhukire unearthed a rare and excruciating piece of evidence of emerging sex trafficking cartels that are targeting vulnerable female refugees as young as 15 years taken as wives and in exchange for attaining legal documents.

The racket involves Uganda Police officers, officials from the UNHCR and OPM.

You may need to watch this video for more information here>> Sex trafficking cartel targets vulnerable refugees.